• Nick Glasgow is a 28-year-old from Fremont, California, who learned this past spring he had Leukemia, and that he needs a bone marrow transplant to save his life.

    Nick is an employee of EMC Corporation in Pleasanton, California, as is his mother.

    Due to his mixed heritage of 1/4 Japanese and 3/4 Caucasian, finding a bone marrow match for Nick is far more difficult.

    Since an email was sent to EMC employees around the world May 15, thousands of people from every corner of the globe have expressed their support and commitment by registering to become donors.

    This blog provides updates on how people can help, on Nick's condition, and other aspects of the race to save Nick.

    Mark Fredrickson
    VP, Marketing Strategy & Comms.
    EMC Corporation

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Update on Nick’s condition

Nick’s journey in recent weeks has not been smooth, but he remains on course for a bone marrow transplant in the coming weeks. After a fourth round of chemotherapy, Nick remains in Kaiser hospital, has gone to Stanford for pre-transplant testing, and has had various measures designed to build sufficient strength and give him the best possible chance for a successful transplant. Nick has recently developed pneumonia, which must be eliminated before the transplant can take place.

In parallel, the matching donor has been prepped and will be ready when the time comes for the transplant. The date must be kept confidential to ensure the privacy of the donor.

Nick, his Mom Carole, and their family and friends continue to appreciate the heartfelt wishes and expressions of support and concern coming from all corners of the world. Please keep Nick in your thoughts and prayers during this incredibly challenging time.

– Mark Fredrickson


4 Responses

  1. Mark, thank you for forwarding my message to Nick.. I am so happy he is finally starting his treatment.. My prayers and thoughts are still with him and his family!!!

  2. Thank you for letting is know. Nick has been in our prayers and we are all waiting for the good news. He is a fighter and he will pull through. He has half the world pulling with him.

    • Just heard about this today, and wanted to send my prayers out to Nick and Carole.. I know that Nicks a fighter and he’ll pull through this … please send him my love!!!
      (An old co-worker) Connie Canino-Romeo

      • Connie — thanks so much for your comment, which I forwarded immediately to Nick and Carole. I thought you might like to see the response:

        Thank you so much for sending this to us! Connie was one of Nick’s Supervisors when he first started at EMC as a temp. Nick really loved working for Connie and has never forgotten her! I just read this note to him and he was so touched!

        Thanks so much again for sharing this!

        Kindest Regards,
        Carole & Nick

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