• Nick Glasgow is a 28-year-old from Fremont, California, who learned this past spring he had Leukemia, and that he needs a bone marrow transplant to save his life.

    Nick is an employee of EMC Corporation in Pleasanton, California, as is his mother.

    Due to his mixed heritage of 1/4 Japanese and 3/4 Caucasian, finding a bone marrow match for Nick is far more difficult.

    Since an email was sent to EMC employees around the world May 15, thousands of people from every corner of the globe have expressed their support and commitment by registering to become donors.

    This blog provides updates on how people can help, on Nick's condition, and other aspects of the race to save Nick.

    Mark Fredrickson
    VP, Marketing Strategy & Comms.
    EMC Corporation

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Update from Nick’s Grandpa

Monday morning Nick was transferred to Stanford Hospital in Palo Alto at long last to start the bone marrow transplant process. As mentioned earlier Nick will undergo four days of radiation therapy (three times a day for three days, then twice on the first day) and then two days of chemotherapy, followed by at least one day of rest before the transplant itself takes place some time next week.

The last two weeks had really been tough on Nick. That fourth round of chemotherapy took more out of him than ever before, to the point where he was unable to do much more than rest and sleep. It was even difficult for him to deal with any company at all. He had to stop using his laptop computer, gave up monitoring his fantasy baseball team, no longer able to cope with anything beyond the disease’s effects.

Over last weekend, Nick was buoyed up by a gift that Carole got for him for his transplant journey. She had found a pendant that was most fitting in these circumstances. It was called “Unexpected Miracles” and was made of jade formed in the shape of a lotus flower, reputed in Chinese folklore to augur for miracles and dreams coming true. Glenn designed a necklace for Nick to wear around his neck and Mari (Nick’s Grandma) crocheted the multicolored chain for it.

Carole reports that Nick, at Stanford, is eating better (a big improvement!) and has a positive attitude as he begins the transplant ordeal.


6 Responses

  1. Hang in there Nick!

    My cousin Tami just had her transplant +44 days ago. She had 6 rounds of chemo followed by the transplant. She did have a wide range of post transplant health issues like GVHD and mucositis. I think by all accounts the first few weeks post transplant are the toughest for most patients. But she’s coming through to the other side with her health being restored day by day. It would seem the worst of it is behind her. I pray that your recovery is a smooth and quick one.

    You are a fighter and such an inspiration!

    Keeping you in my thoughts.

  2. This is Cory , i spent four years with Carole @ Nick , he was 4 at the time and they were 4 wonderful yrs. When i caught wind of this from along time family friend (renee cotner) it ready touch me and my heart goes out to Carole and Nick and the rest of the family. I’m so glad for the positive out come for little Nick (that not so little any more) and the find man he will continue too be on his journey though life. Please give them my message and support @ love, always God bless Cory

  3. In Asia, especially China and Japan, the lotus blossom symbolizes triumph over adversity. The lotus starts its life in the bottom of a muddy pond and grows thru it all to reach the sun.

    My prayers have been with Nick ever since we were asked to be tested for a potential match. I have never met Carole or Nick, but I was touched by their family history… Carole and I share a similar history… my Dad was in the service and married my Mom in Japan. I was struck by how similar we appear.

    I know that the lotus will help Nick … and we should all believe in miracles. They fo happen.

  4. I, like many, echo Linda’s sentiments. It has been a humbling experience to withness how all of EMC and beyond has rallied around Nick’s cause.

  5. I’m so glad Nick found his match. I have leukemia (AML) too and don’t have a match. I know exactly what Nick is going through. It’s a rough road but now Nick gives me hope. Please help support Team Haupt by checking out http://www.teamhaupt.org.

  6. I am so happy this is finally happening. My prayers and thoughts are still with you and will continue to be there. Keep the faith that everything will work and you will once again be the person you were.

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